A Guide on the Right Way to Hire Litigation Lawyers 

Finding the right litigation legal firm is not an easy thing to do. Hence, we have made a list of things to look out for so that you can find and hire the best lawyers to represent your case. Dive in! 

  1. Look at the Services Offered 

Experienced litigation lawyers like the Litvack Dessureault LLP trust lawyers have a plethora of services to offer. The ones that you should be looking at are as follows. 

  1. Family Law
  2. Estates 
  3. Trusts 

Under family law, experienced lawyers deal with many issues like the ones listed below. 

  • Divorce settlement. 
  • Spousal support and child support.
  • Custody of the child. 
  • Fair division of matrimonial assets and property. 
  • Advice and legal assistance if the matrimonial assets have been disturbed unfairly. 

Under Estates Law, the different services that litigation lawyers offer are as follows. 

  • Carrying out the fair settlement of estates. 
  • Assistance in cases of disputes over the validity and credibility of the will.
  • Legal representation for fighting a case to replace current liquidators. 
  • Services to make letters of verification and probate wills. 

Under Trusts law, the different ways in which lawyers offer assistance are as follows. 

  • Legal assistance if an ex-spouse is making claims to be a beneficiary of the trust or a member of the trust committee that holds the family assets. 
  • Offering advice to the trust members and beneficiaries to make them aware of their rights and duties. 
  • Legal advice on what to do if all the family patrimony and/or partnership of acquest assets are held in the family trust.
  1. Look at the Courtroom Experience 

Lawyers who have represented cases in a courtroom in front of a judge are the kind of people you want on your side. So, make it a habit to have a look at the portfolio of lawyers to find out in which courts they have represented their previous clients. 

  1. Focus on the First Piece of Advice they Offer 

No experienced and trustworthy lawyer will straightaway file your case in court. They will try to find a middle ground for an out-of-court settlement. They have reasons to do so. Experienced lawyers know how tricky and lengthy a case in the court can get. So, their first instinct is to protect their client(s) from hassles. If the lawyer you’re thinking about hiring suggests any different, you should find a different lawyer.

As long as you’re careful enough to consider all the factors we have listed above, you’ll most likely fall into the hands of safe and trustworthy litigation lawyers.