Car crashes in LA: Circumstances when you need legal help!

A sudden car crash in Los Angeles can leave you in a state of distress and shock. Regardless of what triggered the accident, you need to take the necessary steps. Start by calling 911 to get medical help for the injured. California laws require you to report the accident to the local police immediately. You should also inform your insurance company and share contact and insurance info with other involved drivers. Once you are done with the basics, it’s time to contact car accident attorneys Los Angeles. If you have your reservations about hiring a lawyer, we have enlisted a few circumstances when seeking legal help is really important. 

  1. When you were partly at fault. In California, you can recover a settlement after a car accident, even when you were more to blame than the other driver. However, your fault (counted in percentage) will reduce the settlement awarded by the insurance company (or the court). Insurance companies may shift the blame, or your claim could be denied on other grounds. Get an attorney if you believe that the accident could have been your fault (even if in parts). 
  2. When your injuries are severe. An experienced accident lawyer can help determine the worth of your current and future losses following the crash. It is rather foolish to accept the first offer from the claims adjuster because it won’t include your medical care in the long run. If your injuries are debilitating or permanent, you should hire a lawyer. 
  3. When there was a truck involved. Truck accident cases are often more complicated. Besides the driver, the vehicle manufacturer, trucking company, or even the loading company could be at fault. Investigating truck accidents will require experience and expertise, and it is best to hire a lawyer. 
  4. When more than two vehicles are involved. Multi-vehicle accidents are often hard to investigate. The chances are high that many drivers could be at blame for the accident. In such circumstances, proving liability could be a bigger challenge. Get an attorney so that you don’t have to deal with all that yourself. 

Insurance companies don’t play fair, and it is a known secret. Dealing with the claims process could be challenging without an attorney. The good news is you don’t have to pay the lawyer to fight for your car accident claim right away. Let the attorney win a settlement for you, and based on the outcome; they will take a percentage of the final amount as their fee.