Child adoption is a part of life nowadays

Married couple without any understanding producing a child, all in sudden husband meets a car accident and dies. At this time, the girl is becoming widow and she is really shocked with the accident and demise of her husband. At the same time, when she goes out and moves with the people, she meets another man and he seemed to be a good person to live life together. She is asking him to marry her, at this time, he is making a condition, that he is ready to accept her but not the girl child which born from her previous husband. At this time, another couple is interested in adopting the girl child. But just like that a child cannot be adopted.

There is documentation is required in school, bank and all the government formalities. When the couple needs that child, all they have to go only to the Mitchel & Crunk, Attorneys at Law. The reason is on the adoption application there are many questions which cannot be answered by the couple, only a lawyer understands the legal terms and he is creating the paper to the government and the government agrees the papers. 

Similarly when there is a flight accident takes place many couple dies on the accident and their children are sent to temporary orphan children homes. The orphan children home is only for the parents less, or single parent children, they provide meal education and everything. At this time, when a couple doesn’t have a child even after many years married life is deciding to adopt a male child for them.

In this circumstance, the orphan age home manager is contacting only the lawyer and informing that they have a couple applications for adoption of a male child, of course, the couple is satisfied with a three years male child, and they want only that child. Lawyer is clearing the document and the couple is happy in adopting that child.