Getting a Divorce in Montreal: How to Go About It?

Everyone gets into a matrimonial union with the thought that they will get their happily ever after. Some marriages don’t work out and it is quite normal. Why should you be in an unhappy union?

Whatever the reason may be, don’t hold back if you are unhappy. Society is going to say things for a while, but you have to think about your entire life.

Do you wish to be with an ungrateful person for the rest of your life? The answer is in your heart. If you’ve made up your mind to divorce your partner, keep reading this quick post. We will tell you how you can get divorced in Montreal.

What’s your reason?

Divorce is a big step, so you have to be sure about your decision.

Do you REALLY want to get a divorce? It could be due to various reasons:

  • Your partner abuses you physically
  • There is no intimacy
  • Your partner is impotent
  • They are having an affair
  • You are being mentally tortured

There could be many reasons for not being able to enjoy the marital union. Thus, you need to put an end to it.

How to get a divorce in Montreal?

There are two types of divorce(s) in Montreal. The first one is uncontested. An uncontested divorce is when both the partners agree to end the marital union.

A contested divorce is when your partner does not agree to the divorce. They are not willing to give you a divorce.

Let’s face it: divorce can be expensive and your partner may be in love with you still.

Speaking to them can help. Convince them that uncontested divorce is the best way to step out of the marital union.

Are children involved in the union? If yes, you would need to discuss the child custody scenario. You could get solo custody if your partner is physically and financially unfit to take care of your child.

There is a joint custody scenario where both parents take care of the child’s financial needs.

Legal custody is when the parent has the right to make unilateral decisions.

File the application, wait for divorce registry clearance, and then you will get thirty days to give a reply to the decree.

In case there is no response from your spouse, you will get clearance and your divorce case will also get stronger.

It is best to hire a legal firm like avocat droit familial litvack dessureault. They will take care of your case.