L-1 Blanket Visa: What Is It?

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A United States employer that is sponsoring large numbers of foreign employees is always searching  for means to make the procedure smoother & easier. Luckily, with L1 blanket petition, qualify entities can get continual approval to transfer any numbers of qualify foreign employees to the United States. The program is for large  international companies that engages in commercial trade or services.

What Is An L1 Visa Blanket Petition?

The l1 petition allows a U.S -based employer to petition the USCIS  to transfer several foreign employee to the United States quickly and on short notice. It is a single visa petition that removes the need to file  for l1 visas separately for each qualified workers. Once the L1 blanket petition is approve, each transferring employee can file petition at the embassy or consulate in their country. See this article what is l1 visa in usa for more info on L1 Visa.

L1 Blanket Petition For Employer

The L1 blanket petition has some requirement a U.S employer (organization) and it foreigner entities must meet before filing. An organization is eligible for the l1 blanket petition if;

  • The employer and each of the foreign entities are into commercial trade or service.
  • The petitioners and its qualified foreign entities must meet one of these three factors;
  1. Successfully gained at least ten l1 petition in the previous 12months period
  2. Have a U.S affiliation, subsidiaries with at least 25 million annual sales.
  3. Have a U.S workforce of more than 1,000 employees

Documents Required For L1 Blanket Petition

Here are the document required for l1 blanket petition;

  1. A U.S employer’s tax I.D number, recent gross & net income figure
  2. The web page, marketing materials, annual report about the United States employer’s business(biographical information)
  3. Documents that proves cooperation between the U.S entity and the oversees companies
  4. Proof that the United States entity and related foreign companies engages in a commercial trade or services. And that the United States company have been in operation for 12 months
  5. Present prove that the U.S & it foreign entities has met one of the following requirement;
  1. A U.S company with at least 1,000 workers
  2. The U.S company has recorded 25million annual sales
  3. The U.S entity have gained L1 visa approval for at least ten employees in the last 12months
Employees Requirements For L1 Blanket Petition

The transferring employee must reach the requirements of an individual L1 visa applicants. For L1B visa you must prove that you hold the position of a specialized knowledge in the entity. But if it is an L1A visa, you must prove that you are holding the position of manager or executive in the company. The following is the USCIS definition of managerial or executive capacity that is requires;

Executive Capacity-

The term executive refers to the employers’ ability to make decision  of latitude with an organization  without the supervision of the superior authority.

Managerial Capacity-

In the context of l1 visa, been a manager means you hold a position that demand you oversees an aspect of the company by controlling & supervising duties of other employees in the organization. It can be a department, subdivision, or component of the company. For more explanation, ask our best immigration attorney in houston texas

What Is The L1 Blanket Visa Validity Period?

An l1 blanket visa get approved with the initial validity of three years, with the option of extension if necessary. An extension request is grant  for additional two years minimum until the alien reaches the maximum of seven years for L1A and five year  for L1B.

All L1 visa beneficial are given the initial three years validity period even if you are on L1 blanket. If you are in the U.S on the L1 blanket visa and the validity is expiring while you are  still in the U.S your company will have to request for an extension on L1 blanket or individual. Contacta con nosotros: barra de abogados de inmigracion en texas