Must-know facts about sexual harassment in North Carolina

According to the reports, more than 80 % of the complaints of sexual harassment were made to the US (EEOC) by women. Some straightforward indications of sexual harassment at work can be inappropriate touching, persistently asking for dates, etc. However, sometimes these are not so obvious. But if you believe that you are being sexually harassed at work in North Carolina, just google contact sexual harassment lawyers near me. It will guide you to the Employment law attorneys near your location.

What are sexual harassment signs?

Some situations which cannot be of sexual nature but are classified under sexual harassment.

-Calling with a motive

Suppose someone at work calls someone who is a single man or woman with children with an offensive remark intended for that particular sex. In that case, it is considered sexual harassment even though the content is not of sexual nature.

-Non-verbal gestures

Anything that is a joke to everyone except for one person can include gestures and be non-verbal, and it is not necessarily explicit.

-Sexually oriented behavior

Anything that creates a non-conducive environment at work like blowing whistles, playboy magazines at the workplace, or someone insisting on talking freely about sex, etc. 

-Inappropriate technology 

It is quite possible at a workplace that a co-worker or manager tries to be intrusive by invading an employee’s private life by putting a camera phone to take inappropriate photos.

Employees /Employer responsibilities

In many cases, employers can be held responsible for failing to resolve complaints on sexual harassment. To add to this, an employer is held liable if someone senior from the company is guilty of sexually harassing co-workers.

Sexual harassment applies to both employees and employers. Hence, anyone experiencing sexual assault at work can file a complaint to the Human Resource department within the workspace. It is a fundamental right of all employees to work in a cohesive workplace atmosphere.

Emotional distress due to sexual harassment can be intentional or non-intentional. As the name suggests, intentional harassing is when the person is hurting with intent and negligent when a person should have foreseen that the victim can be hurt because of the behavior.


It is an equal responsibility of the employees and employer to promote a healthy and respectful workplace environment. If you are in a situation where you do not understand if the situation you are going through falls under sexual harassment or not, consider consulting an employment harassment lawyer and get the help required.