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Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Family Law Attorneys Fort Worth

Family issues are peace breakers and create mental disturbances in the life of the people dealing with them. Plus, if it involves a child you are likely to face a lot of challenges. It is always better to seek advice from an experienced family law attorney Fort Worth. You are likely overfilled with options, so how do you choose the right one? You want to make the right and smart choice to make corrective decisions that will be favorable for you. During your consultation, consider it a crucial meeting to figure out whether the lawyer is worth your time and money.


Your attorney will be acting on behalf as your advocate, and is the one you can put your faith in and also share everything comfortably without the thought of being judged.

You must not only have confidence in them, but they can also advise you on parental issues and more. Therefore, ask these questions to see if they are a perfect match for your needs!

Q1) Do you have any experience similar to my case?

Working with a specific family law professional who has helped a number of clients is a plus point. Not all cases are alike, some involve child custody, while some don’t. Therefore, someone aware of your type of case is important, they can make it work this time too. Be direct and honest during your consultation, see if the lawyer is a good fit.

Q2) Do you have any guidance on Child custody?

Child custody is emotional, and you definitely need relevant information to help understand how to deal with it. You deserve to know what a court takes in mind when awarding child custody. Child visitation attorneys can do more than you think they can! They can guide you on the types of documentation that are required, their schooling, education, and other aspects that are in the best interest of the child.

Q3) What possible outcomes do you see in my case?

Sometimes, cases can be fairly straightforward, while some can be a little too complicated. Regardless of the type of case, your lawyer needs a careful examination of the case before concluding on the outcome. You must land up hiring one that is honest and not makes false promises! One that says that they can easily get you results without actually relying on facts, documentation, and case complications are the wrong pick.

Q4) Who will work for me?

Most of the type, law firms have a whole team that is involved in your case. So, the person you are having a consultation with, might or might not work for you. Make sure you are aware of the professionals who will be working with you. Ask if they can be available on calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings. Communication is essential and you must know who to call, when to call and how to reach your lawyer.

Q5) What strategy would you prefer in my case?

Lawyers are strategic, smart and always have a plan! Typically, most of the family law attorneys Fort Worth will not give you legal advice on the first consultation. But they might tell you the approach of the case, as strategies differ from case to case. If they seem to be interested in knowing more about your case, they are probably thinking of a strategy already in their mind!

Q6) Do I have any role in the case, if yes, what?

Understanding what is to be expected from you is important. Being a family law case, you need to have a sound mind, do things that are favorable and legally appropriate! Having an effective relationship with your attorney is crucially important. It is better to ask the question and see what role you will take in the case.


Are you struggling with a situation similar to this? Contact the law offices of Bailey & Galyen. Our family law attorneys Fort Worth are available to talk and work hard for your case, keeping you fully informed. We know you are likely affected mentally and emotionally with everything going around. Let us work with you and identify possible arrangements that work in favor of you!