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Should You Hire a Lawyer for CPS Charges?

It can be frightening to learn that you and your family are being investigated by the Child Protective Services. However, there is no need to be afraid since you don’t have to go through it alone. You can seek help from a CPS attorney that specialize in child abuse defense.

You Don’t Know How to Handle the CPS Investigation

Hiring a lawyer is a wise step to take to protect yourself. Without the counseling of a lawyer, you can make mistakes and end up losing your child. Since the CPS is suing you, you must keep in mind that everything you say can be used against you.CPS Attorneys Arlington TX can give you advice on what you should say and not say as well as when to say it or not to say it.

The Attorney Can Help You in the Child Placement

The attorney can help you to get your child placed in the home of another friend or family member after removal from your home. He can draft a visitation arrangement schedule so that you can continue to visit your child from time to time. The lawyer can also look for other services that aim to improve the living condition of your home.

The Lawyer Has a Thorough Knowledge of the Law

CPS attorneys are equipped with a thorough knowledge on the law. They know the CPS procedures of your county as well as the best way to get back your child to you. Local attorneys understand the local courts and the expectations from the judges. He can carry out an investigation and determine if the removal of your child from your home is a mistake. For example, the police officer uses a wrong excuse to charge you for child abuse. The lawyer knows how to handle all kinds of CPS situations.

The Lawyer Will Fight on Your Side

Your friends and relatives may not have trust in you anymore after they learn about the allegations of child abuse from the Child Protective Services. You will have no one to fight on your side but you can still get a lawyer to fight for your interest. The lawyer will work with the investigators and officers. CPS investigations can be distressing and you may not be able to take it without the support of a lawyer.

Assistance in Reviewing the CPS Documents

There will be documents that the CPS requires you to sign. If you have little education background, you may not be able to understand what the agreement says. However, if you have a lawyer, he can review the agreements and explain to you one by one. The lawyer can represent you in family service meetings and family group conferences. He can represent you in court in the event of a contested hearing.

Don’t Take a CPS Case Lightly

CPS case is not to be taken lightly, you risk losing your child to the child protection services if you don’t take any action. As soon as you get a charge from the CPS, you must quickly take action to find an expert CPS defense attorney. Hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty but it gives you another chance to be a good parent again.