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Should You Negotiate with an Insurance Claims Adjuster after a Car Accident? Why the Answer is a Big No

If you have been in a car accident in Grand Junction, the insurance company of the other party may approach you sooner than later. You can expect them to ask questions and make a settlement offer that you think is generous enough for your injuries. However, you should not fall for it. Indeed, you should not talk to the insurance adjuster. Negotiating with them on your own puts you at risk of not recovering any damages at all. When someone from the insurance company tries to talk to you, tell them that your Grand Junction Auto Accident Attorney will handle all conversations. 

Why You Should Avoid Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Keep in mind that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will try to pay you less than you deserve or even deny your claim. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are trained negotiators who can be quite persuasive. They know that when your case ends up in court and you have a legal representative, the company will need to pay out for more. Thus, they will try to settle your case without going to trial. 

In addition, insurance claims adjusters know that you may be impatient. You are dealing with financial issues because of your accident and financial compensation as soon as possible. You may end up with lots of medical bills and have to pay more than you were expecting. 

What You Say Will be Used Against You

If an insurance adjuster will try to get statements from you and use them against you in court. They may get you to stay something that will question your injury and claim. Be careful about talking to them because they may record your conversation. Any statement you may make could possibly undermine your claim and make it harder to recover the damages you deserve. 

Knowing the Damages You Can Recover

Your car accident attorney can tell you the types of things you can get compensation for. This can include car repairs and replacement, medical bills, and pain and suffering. The settlement offer of the insurance company is based on the injuries you know at the time of file your claim. However, complications can happen. You may have to seek continuous medical attention for injuries that are discovered later. In fact, you may sustain permanent damage or long-term disabilities you will need to be compensated for. Your attorney will ensure you have the evidence you need to prove your injury and its extent, so you can get recover maximum compensation.