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Surveillance By Insurance Companies in a Car Accident Claim

Every day we see hundreds of people posting accident videos that they captured on their mobile phones. From traffic signals to cars, video cameras are installed everywhere. If you did not document your accident, there are high chances that someone already did! 

Insurance companies use video surveillance to approve or disapprove your claim. Additionally, insurance companies try their best to minimize or disapprove your claim. Sometimes, the private investigators hired by the insurance companies can go to the extent that they record your footage from home or public places claiming that you are exaggerating your injuries. 

In such a situation, it is vital to have a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer by your side who can assist you with what you should do and what you should avoid doing to preserve your rights. 

Use of surveillance by insurance companies: 

As mentioned, insurance companies will try their best to prove that you were at fault too. In many states, even if the insurance company could prove that you were at a partial fault, there are chances that you may not get the deserving compensation, or the company will disapprove your claim. 

The company can hire a carrier to capture your photo or video to prove that you fabricate your medical injuries and avoid paying out the claim. Note that this is not an illegal activity, and the insurance company is allowed to capture the videos and photos of yours from public places. 

When the insurance company indulges in surveillance: 

The insurance company will not indulge in your surveillance immediately after filing the claim. This is because, in the initial stage, the company does not have enough information on the damages and injuries to justify the actions. The insurance company is likely to use surveillance in the following situations: 

  • Before the deposition

A deposition is when the insurance company’s lawyer will sit down and ask you questions about the incident. Everything that you answer is written and recorded, and everything you answer will be used against you in court. The company may hire a private investigator before the deposition, and this surveillance can be used against you to discredit you during the deposition.

  • Before the trial

Another attempt to discredit you and your claim is made before the trial as the insurance company will be worried about the hefty amount they need to pay. In case the case does not settle before your trial, you may be under surveillance. However, unless you are honest about your injuries and the damages, tackling the surveillance should not be a big hassle.