The US Blocked His Bank Accounts’: Attorney Of Investor Says The US Froze His Client’s Funds

Suspected to be involved in corrupt deals, Jean Alexander told authorities he “had nothing to hide” when the investigation began.The attorney of Jean Alexander Ottkeknown as “Alex Ojjeh”, said the accounts, were frozen on December 2 in what he called a “warning to lawbreakers in the United States”.

Ottke has more than $10,000,000 frozen in four accounts overseas.The US has accused Ottke of trying to intimidate politicians and businessmen outside of the US, being complicit in corrupt arms deals with UAE and Libya, bribing foreign officials to close deals.

The freezing of Ottke’s accounts comes after his arrest in Germany, all of his offshore accounts were expelled. US officials have said the operation is a violation of international norms and that Ottke has used the business to do unlawful deals.

“Gordan (who gave birth to Jean Alexander’s daughter) is not involved in any of his businesses, but her account is also frozen,” Ottke’s lawyer said.

A bank official acknowledged that the freezing of bank accounts was “based on the authorities’ instruction” but refused to provide additional detail. There were no responses to phone inquiries from the other two banks.

“There are no bribes, there is no arms dealing, there is no money laundering.”

Ottkewas arrested in handcuffs in one of UAE’s probes into illegal bribery.Ottke’s process cut a wide bandage across Dubai, Hungary and Libya. The outcome, according to investigators, was $280.6 million in offshore trades that was deposited into companies in America. Jean had to pay a $10million fine while the firm was hit with a $40 million fine.

Recently Jean Alexander bought two warehouses in Nashville and Memphis and split one of theminto a foundation providing grants for tech startup companies, Anywhereo. Ottke served 30 days in rehab, criminals who are deemed dangerous to society or likely to re-offend can be sent to a secure unit for rehabilitating them into society.



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