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These are the Most Common Signs You Should Consider Changing Lawyers

Many people searching for legal counsel in personal injury cases are not familiar with what to look out for. Many people who search for legal counsel in personal injury cases may not have been in an accident and feel that all lawyers are equally qualified to represent their best interests.

However, this is not always true. Many people are unhappy with their representation. They cite a lack in trust and faith in their abilities and experience to complete the job.

It is worth looking around for reputable, experienced lawyers until you find one that can provide the attention and care your case deserves, such as, These signs can help you determine if the lawyer who reviewed your case is right for you.

Your First Meeting Was Not a Success

 You want to feel at ease when you first visit a law office to receive a free case review. This is certainly what happens at some of the best law firms from sites like, but it’s not a guarantee with all law firms in the United States.

Listen to your gut if you feel your case wasn’t treated seriously or that you didn’t get the care and patience you needed. It doesn’t mean you have to accept to be represented by every lawyer that you meet. Keep looking until you find someone as competent and attentive to your case to get the justice you need.

Communication is lacking

 With so much new technology in the legal industry, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to communicate with your lawyer when you need to. Even if you can’t reach your chosen attorney immediately, you should still be able send a follow up email, text message or call when they are available.

You may be able to recognize that it is time to consider other options if you are unable to get in touch with your lawyer. Sometimes they might not get back to your in a timely manner.

For their clients’ comfort, the most skilled lawyers know how important communication is. Lawyers can rely on professional telephone answering services to answer client calls or confirm that an email or message was received. This allows them to let the client know when they will be available.

They are the best guarantee of success

It is okay to have confidence in your lawyer skills, especially if you have a lot of experience and a high success rate. However, the best lawyers don’t guarantee success, nor will they say your personal injury case will be a ‘sure thing.’
If your lawyer fails to deliver the results you and they expected, it can cause damage.

It is possible to feel helpless and have to pay your personal injury bills on your own. A lawyer is usually able to express their confidence early in the claims process. You may decide that it is best to change lawyers as soon as possible.

They don’t offer a personalized service

 A wide range of personal injury cases can be handled by personal injury lawyers, including car accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and falls accidents, and traumatic brain injury. Even though your accident may fall under one of these umbrellas, that doesn’t mean you should expect a ‘generic’ approach with cookie-cutter legal methods.

Experienced lawyers know that each case is unique. While they might have the same goal of gathering evidence and building a strong case for you, it is important to take a tailored approach to get the result that you desire.

Deadlines Are Being Missed

 When your lawyer isn’t meeting deadlines, it can make it difficult to focus on self-care and healing. In nearly all cases, you will need to file specific documents and give them to the right parties within a set time period.

You may doubt your lawyer’s ability to provide the care you need. You might be ready to find a lawyer who will put your interests first.

They don’t seem to care

 A lawyer without empathy and compassion is one you may struggle to connect with and trust with your personal injury case. Your case should be handled with care and consideration for your feelings.

Lawyers need to earn a living. However, putting money above compassion and empathy could be a sign that they may not be the right lawyer for your case. Consider shopping around to find one that is more suited for your needs.

They prioritize early settlement

 If two parties aren’t able to negotiate a fair settlement offer, a personal injury case can end up going to court. This can be costly and time-consuming, so not all lawyers will recommend this option.

But, it’s not always in your best interests to settle. Your insurance company might not be able to pay enough for your medical treatment, lost time from work, or other related expenses.

Going to trial might allow you to get a settlement that is closer to your needs. This is why it’s worth considering. Although it may not be the best option for every case, your lawyer should ensure you get the compensation you deserve. They shouldn’t choose what is easiest.

The United States has a lot of highly-regarded and experienced personal injury lawyers. There are some lawyers that will not meet your expectations. You might want to look elsewhere for exceptional legal representation if you notice any of the above signs.