Three Possible Effects of Workplace Discrimination on Both the Victim and the Company

A lot of employees report some form of unjust treatment in the workplace. Although many companies have implemented rules to deter this type of treatment, discrimination remains a reality for a range of individuals. The majority of people know the negative effect of workplace discrimination on a worker; however, unchecked discrimination can have significant effects. If you are a victim of discrimination in the workplace, you must get in touch with an experienced employment discrimination lawyer near me to know the steps you can take. Your lawyer will review your case to determine if you have a case and help you file a complaint with the appropriate agency. 

Health Issues for the Victim

Unfair treatment at work can result in high stress levels that can lead to more health issues for victims. If a worker is constantly discriminated against on the job due to their age race, gender, pregnancy, religion, disability, they may overthink every little little things throughout their day. Too much stress can minimize the quality of sleep and result in over- and under-eating. When these habits form, a person may begin to feel seriously ill. 

Financial Loss for the Company

Discrimination impacts a worker; however, it can also affect a business as a whole. For instance, when a worker quits due to harassment issues, the company they work with needs to spend money recruiting and training a new employee. Even if the victim keeps their position, the organization may still have to hire a productivity consultant or legal aid to help it resolve underlying problems that result in poor treatment. 

Morale Decline

If a worker feels they are unfairly treated on the job, they may feel resentful toward their boss and the management team. Such a negative attitude can impact their performance, which can also impact a business’ overall performance. For instance, if a company prefers to give male employees new clients over female workers, the latter could start missing deadlines, refuse to go to work, or stop fulfilling their responsibilities. Such actions can hurt their performance and the employer’s reputation. But, if this female employee is valued by the company, she may take her job seriously and care about the reputation of the company. 

If a company allows discrimination to permeate the workplace, it can negatively impact its employees and the company. Whether you feel harassed due to your race, age, gender, or religion, it is often best to speak with a discrimination lawyer to understand your legal options.