Tips To Prevent Domestic Violence 

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 24 people become victims of domestic violence every passing minute. 30% of women and 10% of men population are victims of violence or abuse at least once in their lifetime. The abuse can manifest in various forms, including physical, emotional, mental, financial, etc. 

From the outside, it may be easy to ask the victim just to leave. However, the situation is often not that easy. Instead of telling victims to leave, which they would if they could, one should follow tips to prevent the crime. If you know someone who needs help, consult with a Sandy domestic violence lawyer to discuss your options. 

Tips to prevent domestic violence 

  • Be aware of the warning signs. 

Domestic violence does not occur out of nowhere. There are usually sure signs of violence and abuse that most people fail to recognize. Physical violence is still easier to identify, but other forms such as emotional abuse can sometimes be impossible to detect. This is because an unhealthy relationship often looks happy from the outside. Some warning signs may include: 

  • Constant jealousy. 
  • Demanding to know where one is or who they are hanging out with.
  • Preventing them from interacting with certain people without “permission.”
  • Attempting to control one’s finances.
  • Destroying one’s property in anger.
  • Forced sexual interactions. 

  • Do not ignore it. 

When you learn about the warning signs, you should be able to recognize them when they happen before you. When this happens, make sure you take appropriate action rather than ignoring it. 

There have been many cases in Sandy where people heard and saw cases of domestic violence but did not want to get involved. If you hear about domestic violence, do not hesitate to inform the police as it could save a life. 

  • Promote financial security. 

Countless victims of domestic violence want to leave their spouses but cannot do so because they are financially dependent on them. If they left the household, they would not have anywhere else to go. Financial insecurity is the number one reason victims continue to stay with their abusers. This should never be the case. 

If you know someone who is struggling, offer to help them financially. You can let them borrow some money to rent a place for some time or allow them to stay in your house. 

  • Check-in regularly. 

If you know someone is in danger, be sure to check on them every single day. Living with an abusive spouse is a dangerous situation, and anything could happen at any time. Even when they move out, their abuser could find and injure them. Reach out to them regularly to ensure their safety.