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Trusted solutions for Shopify accessibility:

The website owners of Shopify are learning rapidly that website accessibility is a new cost of doing business that can’t be ignored.

The concept of Shopify ADA compliant refers to the elimination of barriers on the Web, assuming that websites and portals are planned in a way that allows everyone to navigate, understand and interact with ease, taking advantage of all the information contained on the pages.

This is a matter of extreme relevance, since the various barriers present in Shopify affect, especially, people with disabilities. This is because, when using the Web and its resources, they run into obstacles that make it difficult and even impossible to access the content of the sites.

The benefits of Shopify ADA Compliant:

Digital accessibility promotes numerous benefits, both for organizations and society. In this sense, it is essential to be aware of new possibilities for improvement, making the most of technological innovations. The following are the main advantages that can be obtained.

The accessible web provides a window of opportunity for companies to re-evaluate their digital communication strategies, implement innovations and obtain several benefits, such as:

– Agility and ease of website maintenance;

– Expansion and diversification of the public;

– Increased compatibility – with platforms, systems, and browsers;

– Fulfilling an important social role – promoting effective transformation;

– Assistance in generating leads;

– Innovation in content – collaborative, modern, and empathetic communication, adding value to the company and strengthening the brand;

– Greater visibility in search engines – the site’s code becomes more organized and helps robots, such as Google, to locate content more easily;

– Better interaction with your audience – increases the chances of loyalty;

– Better network performance and usability – create a competitive advantage.

– Accessible website – simpler and user-friendly, easier to navigate, and faster loading.

About the WCAG 2.2 version:

WCAG 2.2 version corresponds to the basis for building and tweaking the document. It is important to note that in this new version, nothing has been undone or removed. Only criteria were added to the previous version.

Thus, it should be understood as a continuation of WCAG 2.1, to improve accessibility orientation towards the aforementioned groups of people with disabilities. The new success criteria are as follows:

– Appearance about focus – the focus indicator should stand out from the background according to guidelines;

– Fixed reference points – number of pages corresponding to the printed versions;

– Drag movement – must allow operation by taps or clicks;

– Pointer target spacing – interactive targets must occupy at least 44 × 44 CSS pixels of space;

– Localizable help;

– Hidden controls – the relevant ones must remain visible or disappear only when they are focused or zoomed out;

– Accessible authentication;

– Redundant insertion – autocomplete or by selection.

As we have seen, digital accessibility is directly linked to the elimination of barriers on the Web and translates into benefits for both companies and society. In this sense, it is necessary to maintain proactive IT management to implement the necessary changes in compliance with the Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content, according to the recent changes.