Vital Idaho car accident tips worth knowing

An unfortunate crash in Idaho can turn your world upside down. If an accident or collision causes injury or death, involved drivers must inform the local police (or county sheriff’s office) immediately. If the accident resulted in property damage worth $1,500 or more, you still need to report the same. Also, you may want to consult an Idaho car accident attorney soon after the accident. Here are some of the other accident-related tips that deserve your attention. 


  • Don’t admit fault. Immediately after a crash, you may feel it necessary to apologize to the other party. Even when you are partly at fault for the accident, you should not admit fault. Anything you say at the accident site or to the investigating officer at the scene can go against you. Yes, you will have to communicate with the other drivers and exchange contact and insurance info, but don’t blame anyone or accept anything.
  • Call 911. If someone is injured, you need to call 911 immediately. It is the most responsible thing to do, even if the other driver was negligent or you are not injured. Don’t let anyone talk you out of that. Also, you need to consider calling the local police without delay. Do not flee the scene or try to downplay whatever has happened. 
  • Always remember that you have limited time. The deadline for filing an injury lawsuit after an accident is just two years in Idaho as per the statute of limitations. If you don’t take action right after, you may end up losing critical evidence. Also, it can take considerable time to investigate the accident and establish fault and liability. 
  • Call an attorney. If your injuries are minor, you can file a claim with your insurer and accept the basic amount offered in a settlement. However, not all car accidents are fender benders. To know the true worth of your claim, call an attorney after the accident. The good news is most injury attorneys in Idaho offer a free consultation session, and you can always decide if you want to go ahead and hire an attorney.  
  • Keep note of everything. Ensure that you have a detailed estimate of your losses. Keep medical bills and other records together, and your attorney will use these details and other information to determine the worth of your car accident claim. 


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