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What Avoid When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Numerous criminal defense attorneys exist, so it can be hard for someone to narrow down their options, especially if they’re dealing with all of the emotions of being accused of or charged with a crime. When someone is looking for an attorney to work with, it’s important they know what to avoid so they can find the right attorney for their case. A few of the most important things to avoid include the following.

Inexperience in Criminal Defense

A new attorney or one who is new to criminal defense isn’t going to have the knowledge or experience to handle many cases, especially more complicated ones. It’s always better to look for an attorney who already has a significant amount of experience in criminal law, who has gone to trial with their clients before, and who has experience with similar types of cases. If the person is accused of a crime, they want to make sure the attorney has experience fighting those charges.

Difficulty Getting in Contact

It should not be difficult for the accused to contact the attorney and set up a consultation. Of course, there could be an emergency and the consultation has to be rescheduled, but this should not happen multiple times if it happens at all. It’s better to try a different attorney who is easier to get in touch with, as issues getting in touch with the attorney could lead to significant complications later on in the case. This doesn’t mean that the attorney answers every call, but that they do get back to the client in a timely manner.

Trouble Getting One-on-One Attention

During the consultation, the attorney should be focused on their potential client, not answering phone calls, sending texts, or talking to other people. Consultations are usually only half an hour to an hour and should be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for the client and the attorney. If the accused cannot speak with the attorney because of too many interruptions, it’s going to be difficult to impossible to determine if the attorney will be a good fit for the case.

Promises for a Specific Outcome

There are too many variables that can impact a case, so attorneys shouldn’t promise a certain outcome. Instead, they should state that they believe a certain outcome is likely or that there’s a possibility of a certain outcome happening. They should be honest with the accused as to whether a conviction is possible and, if so, what the sentence may look like and whether there are any other options to consider.

If you’ve been accused of or charged with a crime, now’s the right time to start working with an attorney. As you look for the Top Attorneys to work with, keep the above information in mind, as you’ll want to make sure the attorney you choose is ready to work on your case and will work as hard as possible to help you get a better outcome for the situation. Speak with an attorney today to learn more about them and how they can help you with the case.