What Differentiates Family Law And Divorce Law?

Most people don’t know the meaning of the terms they throw around. However, knowing what the terms mean is vital because it influences how we think of the things they describe. Different terms come with unique connotations, and even though people use them interchangeably, they cover different categories about lawyers. There are various categories like the Callahan Barraco family law attorney, whose focus is on family law. For those who use them interchangeably or are confused about what the terms mean, you’re not alone. This article breaks down the different terms and their meanings.

Family Law

Family law is all-encompassing as it covers a vast range of legal topics. It covers everything, including family relationships, and this includes separation and divorce. Family law covers other categories: child support, paternity, guardianship, child custody, orders of protection, and many more. A Callahan Barraco family law attorney should not be mistaken for a family lawyer. Although they might practice family law, they can also focus on other categories like real estate, personal injury, business formation, and many more.

In simpler terms, when a lawyer introduces themselves as a family attorney, it could mean that they represent families in different categories.

Divorce Law

Divorce law is a subcategory of family law. When a lawyer is a divorce lawyer, they focus on divorce. However, an attorney who practices family law like the Callahan Barraco family law attorney can handle divorces. Although divorce is the primary work of a family law attorney, there’s more work for family law attorneys. Divorce lawyers are simply lawyers that practice in a category of family law and facilitates divorce.

They’re interchangeable

The terms divorce and family law are often interchanged for one other. However, as we have explained, they mean something else. Most attorneys focusing on divorce usually don’t deal with issues relating to prenuptial, adoption, and several other specialties. However, family lawyers tend to handle all these specialties and with a lower volume of divorce cases. However, all family law attorneys are not the same. You want a lawyer like the Callahan Barraco family law attorney who has experience and comfort in the courtroom.

Most people think of divorce attorneys as ruthless, whereas family law attorneys appear more moderate and resolution-oriented. However, that’s not always the case, as both attorneys do the same thing. However, both attorneys usually have different approaches to cases, and this is perfectly normal. Knowing the difference between family law and divorce law is vital to help you seek the right attorney for you.