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What to Have in a Post-Divorce Will

Having a will helps you plan for your next future. Either you are old or just starting; a will might help plan and create a reflection of your new direction. However, not everybody has a will.

But what will happen if you already have one and you are faced with a divorce?  Divorce attorney Fort Worth TX will guide you and offer assistance if you have to update, review or create a new Will because of your divorce. 

Take a look at some of the things you should consider:


After divorce, you have to decide who receives your property. It is at this point now you have to create a new will. You may have to create a new will as dividing property might be hectic. 

In addition, what will happen if you have more than one kid and one child wants to sell their property?  This is where our attorneys will guide you. We have experienced divorce attorneys who can walk you through the process and help you make an informed move.


As a parent, you have to plan for the future in case something terrible happens. Who will be in the custody of your children and property? At this juncture, you have to carefully weigh your options and approach a divorce attorney with vast experience and ready to handle such cases.

Keeping in mind, divorce cases are sensitive and require skilled and experienced attorneys for the entire process. At The Law Office of William D. Pruett, Fort Worth, we offer guidance to choose a guardian from your list of options legally. After you give your consent, we will go ahead to add them in your will.


An executor for your real estate is paramount. This individual will be responsible for every item you might leave behind. They will be the subsequent owners in case the worst happens.

An executor will be responsible for managing your properties, money left, and paying off any debt you had. Definitely, this is a big responsibility, which might need legal guidance before you can add your executor to the primary will.

While preparing and planning for the future, consider all you have put in place and how far you have come. Think of all the challenges that have made you stronger to building what you have now. 

You do not want to see all these landings in the wrong hands or getting lost if you suffer a mishap. Visit our Divorce Attorney Fort Worth TX office today and have your divorce matters attended to by professionals. We will take every vital step to ensure you create or update your will to offer protection for all you have worked hard for.