When you definitely need an attorney for estate planning

More often than not, people wrongly believe that estate planning is not for them. If you don’t own a lot of money, why would you need an estate plan in the first place? The truth is life is unpredictable, and there are things that you cannot assume but can plan for. With estate planning, you have the right to decide about circumstances that are unforeseen but may happen in due course of time. From deciding who gets your assets to choosing a guardian for your minor children and transferring your assets to a trust, you can expect to achieve a lot. The question here is whether you need an attorney for estate planning. In this post, we are discussing what an attorney can do for your vision and estate.

  1. You don’t understand complex laws. You cannot just create an estate plan and expect it to be legally binding upon your death. There are state and federal laws related to estate planning, which change periodically, and there are a few dos and don’ts that you must adhere to. There is also a limit to what you can do with a particular document. An attorney can guide you through the process and ensure that you don’t make common mistakes.
  2. You need help choosing beneficiaries. Relationships with family members and important people change with time, and even if you had created an estate plan, you might need to revise things later. An estate planning lawyer can advise you on choosing beneficiaries, trustees, guardians, and other people who can care for your interests and ensure that your wishes are honored.
  3. You have a blended family. If you have remarried or your spouse has children from a previous marriage, you may have to be more cautious with estate planning. That’s where an attorney can help. Creating documents for a blended family is often the most confusing part, and your lawyer can ensure there are no unwanted fights after your death.
  4. You have considerable assets. While you don’t have to be super rich to have an estate plan, the process does become a lot more complicated when you own a lot. Get an attorney so that you can make room for your wishes and don’t end up creating estate planning documents that are not legal or can be challenged in the future.

A lawyer is your best resource for creating a cohesive set of estate planning papers.