Basic Rights And Constitutional Assessment Of Sex Offenders

A sex offender is a person who performed a harmful or ill-natured sexual advance towards another person. The conviction can arise from rapes of men, women, children to molesting any individual.

Usually, a sex offender stays in jail and serves the right amount of time paying for his terrible crimes. But did you know that sex offender also has basic human rights?

Yes, you heard me right. Though sex offenders exploit other individuals’ rights, they can still maintain their basic human rights. In short, we can say that a sex offender is not just a right-violator but is also a right-holder.

Types Of Sexual Offense

One of the best questions arises when we talk about sex offenders traveling. Before we jump into that topic, we should know that there are four types of a sexual offense.

  • 1st Degree:A person suffers life imprisonment when he commits a 1st degree CSC. It means that the sex offender has molested his victim to a maximum physical or mental degree.
  • 2nd Degree:A 2nd-degree sex offender usually suffers punishment for 15 years. It may be a bit less than the 1st degree. However, it is still a crime in the eyes of justice.
  • 3rd Degree:When the victim is molested without any heavy wounds, the sex offender receives the 3rd degree. Even they spend almost15 years in prison.
  • 4th Degree:The sex offender who has done an act of 4th degree CRC spends two years in jail. It is the least offensive crime.

Can Sex Offenders Travel?

Now the biggest question arises. Can sex offenders travel?

The answer is yes, but they should follow a few conditions.

·        Tier 1 Sex Offenders

The question, can sex offenders travel? It is met with particular rules when it comes to tier 1. The criminal needs to visit the law-enforcement-agency once every year between the first and fifteenth of January.

·        Tier 2 Sex Offenders

Can sex offenders travel if they commit a tier two crime?

Yes, they can, but they need to appear in the law-enforcement agency twice every year, once in January and once more in July.

·        Tier 3 Sex Offenders

Tier 3 sex offenders are the ones who have done significant crimes. They need to be presented to the law-enforcement agency four times every year.


These basic rights are set in place so that the sex offenders can keep at least minimum dignity in the public’s eyes. Few case studies argue that sex offenders should also have an equal position.