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Important Steps to Take After a Slip & Fall Accident

A slip-and-fall accident is a terrible mishap that can happen anywhere and at any time. And many times, such an accident may lead to severe injuries such as spinal cord damage, broken hip, or even a brain injury. This may lead to pain, suffering, and a mountain of medical expenses that cause a crushing financial burden on the injured. 

In instances where a slip-and-fall injury occurs from an accident on another person’s property, the victim may be entitled to rightful compensation, provided the injury happened due to the property owner’s negligence. Apart from calling a good slip & fall lawyer, you must also take certain steps to protect your case. Below we have outlined the important steps that you must take immediately after a slip-and-fall accident. 

  • Seek adequate medical treatment

Your health must always be your topmost priority. So you must err on the side of cautiousness and consult a medical healthcare expert after the accident. Sometimes, a person may slip and fall and hurt his head. He may feel alright at the moment but may experience an internal hemorrhage that could prove to be fatal later on. Thus, it is best to get immediate medical attention. You can also collect your medical documents which can help to prove the legitimacy of your claim in court. 

  • Determine the cause of the fall

There are plenty of hazards that can lead to a slip-and-fall accident. For instance, uneven surfaces, insufficient lighting, loose or torn carpet, etc. may cause an accident. Identify the cause, take notes, and gather evidence as much as possible. Alert the property owner about the accident and also what caused it. It is best to take photos of whatever caused the fall to submit as evidence later on. 

  • Gather witnesses

Get the names and contact details of all witnesses present in the vicinity. If any person saw you falling down, it can be very helpful. However if not, they can still attest to the surrounding conditions of the area that caused the accident. 

  • Document everything

Once you have identified the cause of the fall, make sure to document everything in detail. Write down all you can remember about the accident and what caused it. It is advisable to do it immediately when your memory is fresh. Also, note down the statements of any witnesses to help your claim in court. 

  • File an accident report

You must file an accident report with the concerned property owner right after the accident. Once you have everything in writing, you can email them or request a signed document directly from the owner in case you make the report in person. Make sure this report includes all the vital details about your accident and the contact information of the at-fault party. 

  • Abstain from speaking to an insurance agent

Although you must report the accident to the property owner, make sure to limit your communication with them. Anything you speak or do may be used against you in court. Also, refuse to speak to any insurance agent until you have spoken with your attorney. 


Slip-and-fall cases may sometimes be tricky. Often, they involve various steps such as filing paperwork, gathering evidence and proving liability. So if you are not familiar with the legal procedures, you must enlist the services of a professional and experienced attorney. He will amplify your chances of winning the case and receiving the rightful compensation for your injuries.