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Do You Need a Lawyer for Bankruptcy?

Debt can be hard to handle, especially when it continues to mount and homeowners cannot seem to find a way out. Although there are many options for attempting to chisel away the debt, some people find it arduous because of their financial situation. Thankfully, for these people, there is the option of filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal process that must take place through the courts. Although getting legal help is optional, it is often advised.

Many Issues Can Lead to Increased Debt

Many problems can arise in the course of a person’s life, leading them to develop too much debt. Most people will deal with some degree of debt in their lives, but for some, the problem becomes too much to bear.

Increased debt can occur when a person loses a job unexpectedly. Suddenly, their financial security is gone, and they can no longer make financial ends meet. Illnesses and injuries can cause a person to be without work, sometimes for extended periods. When these situations arise, debt often increases to the point it cannot be controlled.

Should a Person Get Legal Help?

Yes, individuals have the right to pursue bankruptcy without the aid of any lawyer, but this is not recommended. There are many reasons a person should seek legal help. Consider the following reasons.

  • One of the primary reasons people get legal help for bankruptcy is peace of mind. The process of pursuing bankruptcy can sometimes be stressful. A lawyer becomes a source of support for their clients.
  • There is a vast amount of paperwork that must be filled out for the courts. Errors and omissions can lead to delays and even denials. Having help from a lawyer means the paperwork will be filled out appropriately, allowing a person to exercise their legal right to petition.
  • Although not always, most people who hire a lawyer are able to reduce the amount of time it takes for them to finalize their bankruptcy and get approval. Lawyers help their clients keep up with important deadlines, so problems can be avoided.

Schedule a Consultation

One of the first steps a person should take towards seeking bankruptcy is scheduling a consultation with a lawyer. This appointment allows individuals to learn about their options and the steps involved. For further information, visit

To prepare for the appointment, individuals should gather their creditor information, bank accounts, assets, and job information. The more of their financial records individuals provide, the better their lawyer will be able to put them on the correct path.

There are a couple of types of bankruptcies, and meeting with a lawyer can help individuals know which one will offer the best financial relief. In some bankruptcy options, the debt a person owes is completely resolved. In other types, a person will make monthly payments scheduled through the court.


If you are dealing with way too much debt, now is the opportunity to get legal help. No one should have to face the prospect of bankruptcy without legal intervention to get them through.