Find A Good Lawyer to Find Solutions to Your Family Law Problems

There can be many different kinds of disputes in a family that often cannot get resolved through mutual discussion. Some of the instances can be:

  1. Alimony
  2. Child support
  3. Child custody
  4. Division of property

Thompson Salinas Londergan is a certain family law firm serving the people in Texas for the last more than 15 years.  The law firm has many experienced teams of attorneys. All of these attorneys feel that resolving a family law disagreement through an amiable, mediated approach outside of court is the best outcome.

Working together to establish a fair conclusion with your husband, partner, or co-parent protects your children from further trauma and, as a result, decreases emotional and financial stress.

The attorneys will work to ensure that you can also understand all of your alternatives and that you have a clear path to the best legal remedy for your needs.

Nothing is more essential to most parents than their loving children. Child custody is one of the most emotionally charged topics since the child spends more time with one parent and less time with the other.

A qualified lawyer will do everything possible to help you achieve your child custody goals. He or she will give compassionate, honest, and also personal service while constantly striving to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Often family law may get complicated

This legal firm’s staff of attorneys has a reputation for successfully resolving exceptionally difficult family court cases.

This is one of the few law companies in the area that specializes in interstate as well as international family and divorce law disputes, particularly those under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act as well as the Hague Convention.

In case, you have a cross-border family law issue or one involving significant assets or businesses, the attorneys at this firm can help you attain outcomes.

Can help you to discover alternative ways of resolving child custody disputes

Thompson & Associates, P.C. With the purpose of preserving family bonds, Salinas Londergan strives to mediate child custody conflicts. Because acrimonious adversarial lawsuits between parents can be harmful to children’s mental health.

As a result, the attorneys at this practice will promote more cooperative types of family conflict resolution, such as:

Collaborative Law entails a round table discussion including the following important parties to reach an amicable child custody agreement:

  • The parents
  • Respective attorney
  • Mental health professional
  • Financial professional

Divorce mediation

Both parents communicate with a neutral, certified mediator to hash out their issues about the child custody agreement until they reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

If these cooperative efforts fail, the child custody attorney is going to be adamant in their determination for achieving your goals in child custody litigation and discussions.

This firm’s team of professional lawyers will assist the team by researching various legal precedents, doing an investigative investigation, and generating legal paperwork for the team and clients.

This firm’s legal specialists emphasize open communication, empathy, trust, connection, assurance, support, and understanding above all else.