Three Important Elements to Consider When Investigating a Truck Accident in Manhattan, KS

Although truck accidents differ, particularly in terms of the cause, responsibility, and damage, there are common variables that must be understood by victims. These accidents have serious repercussions. If you are the victim, you may face mounting bills without knowing when or how you can get compensation from the liable party to pay for these financial obligations. 

Although your Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney will ensure your truck accident case is on track, understanding the basic elements of this case can help the process move smoothly and provide you with peace of mind. If you have sustained injuries in a truck accident, reach out to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Once insurance companies have been informed about your accident, they will work hard to dispute your claim. Thus, you should not waste time finding the necessary help to protect your injury claim. Keep reading to know the common elements that must be focused on during a truck accident investigation:

 The Official Police Report

In Kansas, parties involved in a truck accident must report their accident if it causes injuries or a minimum of $1, 500 in property damage. Not reporting could face these parties a suspension of their driver’s license until they have filed a report. Because truck accidents usually lead to injuries, property damage, and fatalities, a police report is usually involved.

When police officers arrive at the crash scene, you will be asked to provide them with your side of the story. During this interview, ensure you answer their questions, sticking only to the facts. If the report contains information that does not match up to your claims, your chance of getting fair compensation can be compromised. 


Testimony from witnesses can be an important component in a truck accident case. For instance, when your story and the story of the truck driver about what took place do not match up, eyewitness testimony can make or break your case.

Your attorney will track down possible witnesses to the truck accident; however, you should also consider talking to witnesses while they are still at the scene if you are physically able to. Try to collect information such as their names and contact numbers. Then, ask about what they saw.

Accident Reconstruction

The success or failure of your case will depend on whether somebody’s actions were beyond the accepted standards of care and safety and if this negligence resulted in the accident and injuries. Your attorney will hire accident reconstruction experts to analyze the accident scene and the environmental factors that might have played a role in the collision.